When We Love to Live

Jul 6, 2021 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

When We Love to Live

When we love to live in a world so fine
We dream, we drive so as to shine,
What we have is enough, we do crave
Still we run after, until we’re in grave;
To build a life full of glory and sublime!
To see life at the mundane sunshine!

What’s life if all love’s labor’s lost?
When discovering fortune under frost!
What if all our moments follow money,
While all bees leave time, the honey!
What if all our time remains never,
No value of riches, no wealth, ever!
Ever do we exchange glory for pomp of life,
When misuse of time means misuse of life!

Md Nazim Uddin
July 07, 2021

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