When Things Go Wrong

Jan 22, 2022 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

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When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong,
It’s time to wait and watch!
When things go right
It’s not to be excited much!

When you find the betrayal
From neighbouring one,
When your friend turns back
Be patient till it’s your turn.

When you see flows of flaws
The laws of life mislead!
It’s time for silent observance
To success, it shall lead.

When you’re tired of watching
Trust replaced by treasury,
Be on your righteous track
It shall remove all misery.

There’s, always, a perfect time
To speak and to shut up!
Let time heal all sad sorrows
Pray and never give up.

Md Nazim Uddin
January 22, 2022