Time’s Chariot

May 16, 2021 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

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Time’s Chariot

There will be a time when
All so call bubble reputation,
All name and fame in action,
Will turn to nothing, power’s fall
Such a time shall meet us all.

There will be an age when
All the signs of vibrant strength
All sounds and fury, meaningful
Shall ‘signify’ nothing, for all;
Such an age will collapse all!

A time will arrive when
All known shall be strangers
All faces be alien alike!
All living seem stony non-living
‘Authority forgets dying King!

A life will be, in a time when
All the words turning to silent!
All the realization, a fatal sin
All beliefs into heartless treachery
Such ‘treacherous’ will there prevail!

There will be a time when
You love to, but can’t smile
You hate to, but have to hide
You dream to, but can’t speak
You need to, but can’t protest!
Such will be like an acid test!

Here should be, dear, a time
When you need and you must Think before anything you do,
Learn before you know how!
Hide while all drive to show!
Spend before you truly die;
Love before you leave the sky
Feel for others, as long you live
Whatever be, donate and live.

And then, timeless time will be
And oft will be undoubtedly your,
Living shall be truly pure….

Md Nazim Uddin
May 16, 2021