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Think For Others

                        ——— Md Nazim Uddin

In a peculiar age when usurpation of theories insisting on mundane achievement and worldly gains, words like “Think for Others” shall sound, without doubt, as foolish, naive and untoward! While people ahead us starting from high elites and senior advisers down to the parents of kids – are teaching how to win the race by forgetting what others might feel, while teachings of selfishness and attitude of self-centeredness are booming up around, who will think of others or think for others?

The answer is as simple as anything. If all stops thinking for others, society will see rise of numerous self-centered, self-oriented people around the globe resulting in the spreading of envies, greed, selfishness as well crazy group of homo sapiens.

Such fatal thoughts of centering oneself on all activities find their roots in the very beginning of life- being kids and being taught by some imprudent parents. When a Nursery or school-going kid is taught by a parent how to confirm a seat at the first bench in the classroom, even by using any means whatsoever, how to ensure first positions, how to overrule fellow mates in many cases, the roots is engraved and subsequently nurtured, consciously or unconsciously. As the kid grows, he gradually learns how to ensure his portion first, ney, learns even how to snatch others right, only to fulfill his own dreams only. 

Now, if most of the developing generations of our men around us strive to learn the tools and techniques on how to defeat others not for genuine satiety, but for finding others defeated, the root of the social system start to be rotten without least delay. 

History teaches us that if Tomas Alva Addison would think of himself only, and if Newton would swallow the fallen apple instantly, neither invention of Bulb nor formulation of Theory of Gravity would have not seen their final shape. The people of invention and discovery, think tanks of inventors thought mostly for others than for themselves and that’s the root cause why our social standard has improved to its modern age, from the caved age of stones or dark ages since time immemorial. Those inventors, scientists, writers, travelers and others alike teach us how thinking for others change the lives miraculously, and in the wave of that change, we ourselves find a changed environment.

Every new invention, every new discovery finds its origin in the thinking for others. Welfare states of Europe, truly developed countries like Japan are models in teaching the whole world how ‘thinking for others’ has ample return- how ‘good’ thinking for others brings ‘better’ returns, how ‘better ‘ thoughts for others result in the best outcome in most of the cases.

And neither of those who think for others are fool, nor unconscious, rather they have been continuing to sow seeds of welfare, water the plants and nourish a better field to ensure the growth of a wood of good thought, plenty of humanitarian thinkers and a world of good people, despite they sacrifice their self interest and self orientation in return.

Let’s think for others… let’s be naive, let’s be ‘foolish ‘ even, if those clever don’t even follow…


Md Nazim Uddin

21 October 2020