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Things Fall Apart!

———  Md Nazim Uddin

The Homo Sapiens, social animals named human beings have been experiencing, nay, suffering a radical changes in the structure of the society, the people with lower economic stairs being the most pathetic victims. A group of people with sudden up gradation of riches usually rule the comparatively less affluent class of the society, and this poses a deep-rooted effect in the socio-economic and socio-cultural traditions of the developing countries like ours.

In the advancement or event of such degradation of social norms, an deterioration of emotional assets and expectations has been prevailing resulting in the premature extinction of many social values, trends, ethics and intelligences. Such a fatal social habit has been one of the main roots of many, if not all, social damages and destructions.

When the criterion of weighing or measuring the human values, in most cases, becomes merely the asset values, respect, in many cases, is earned through accumulation of wealth, not out of values and educational heights, nor from good human characteristics, allurement towards heaping up “that” wealth has been rampant and since childhood, one is moving, rather running, on and towards the highways of those stairs to climb the mountains of assets, the base criterion of the social judgment, in many social benches, if not all.

The aftermath is fatal. The result is unprecedented. The effect is enormous. The land is turning in to “The Waste Land’’ of T.S. Eliot or “Things Fall Apart” of Chinua Achebe.

But, despite all these violence of greed, the lust and ambition for usurpation, the blindness of social eyes, verdict of social leaders and the judgment itself, the ‘rest is silence’, the nothingness of the ‘bubble reputation’, the clutches of evading time and health, the “Death” itself- reign supreme. It might be that that artificial blindness, that unlawful measurement, those heinous temptations rise and rule for few years- those soothe the eyes, neither permanently, nor does it soothe the heart, with contentment and solace.

Until there grow a group that negate those transience of capitalist social norms,

unless they believe that quantity, not quality, shall  survive, as long as the unruly and even naked competition rise above the ordinary go of the life, as long as values and ethics reign supreme, in the end, in the long and final run, the bad or worse, would be our bargain!


Md Nazim Uddin