There’ll be Such a Time

Oct 1, 2021 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

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There’ll be Such a Time

There’ll be a time when
You’ll find people do value,
Only where there’s visible gain;
Shall they see the ‘life of things’
But, in a tangible, encashable form;
There’ll be such a time, such a clime!

There will a time when,
All clap for success, all tears of separation
All worry of risk and threat
Shall be measured merely
And merely by the yield and gain
As if the ‘take and give’ policy
The non-material gain’s immaterial!
Who counts the theology, who?
Who cares the values, who?
Who honors the aesthetics, who?
Who cares for humanity, who?

When there’s no sympathy, empathy!
When there’s no joy for other’s win
When there’s no tears for others sorrow
No hope for neighbour’s tomorrow!
Such a barren field neither breed,
Nor can it nurture, nourish
A good tomorrow, ney, good today!
Such a time, I fear, there’s…

When, the rise of any civilization
Growth of growth on peak
Is climaxed, is on top-
Such will be a time when fall,
Anticlimax, fall of action arise
Will it require a rebirth of civilization?
Will it demand a renewal of human race?
From the last to the first, reversse?
There will be such a time,
such a time..

Md Nazim Uddin
October 01, 2021