Psalms of Life

May 22, 2024 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

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Psalms of Life

Upon a thirst for growth
Man longs for a ‘life’ so long:
A life of glory and glow
A life of sunshine and blow
A life of success unending
A rise in steep and unbending
Such a dream leads man oft…

There arrive series of hardships
Appear the hardship and pain
With dream so high and staunch
He thinks, ‘no gain without pain’!
But, adversities like alliance, appear
With failure, with fall, with fear
Some lose most spirit, some few
Some cry for help, but few hear!

Such is the truth, such, reality
‘Things fall apart, centre can’t hold’,
Life of dreamers get divsersed
Some shine, many suffer untold.
Some try less but gain more
Some fail with attempts uncounted
Such is the riddle of life, destined
And the out of Free Will bound!

The arrival of anticlimax redefines
To some, ‘lot’ wins ahead, a lot,
To few, life’s how they dreamed and tried;
Dilemma is ship of fate afloat!

Md Nazim Uddin
May 22, 2024