My Teachers’ Memories

Oct 5, 2021 | কবি ও কবিতা, নতুন কিছু | 0 comments

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My Teachers’ Memories


How can we forget the golden days?
Our teachers were sun, donated rays;
Department of English, fertile its clay,
You made us exactly what we are today.

S. C Paul sir taught us Kubla Khan
Unique in style, he was in expression,
Samsuzzaman sir with Nazrulic hair
Deep in tone, Keats was his poet, so dear.
In ‘Grecian Urn and Nightingale Ode’
Voice and erudition rare was his code;
‘Heard melodies are sweet, those unheard, sweeter’
Still echoes in memory, memories ever better.

BNCC Major Moktadir sir was Department Head,
‘Absalom & Achitopel’ was his topic, we read;
Ajit Sir taught us Shakespeare’s drama,
Sober in slow voice, his style as was made.
Shahidullah sir taught us Hamlet in Masters,
He was man of culture, admin and arts.

Shaswati Madam was motherly & kind,
Taught us Johne Donne, in Honours class, we find;
Remember the poems, Hymns, ‘Good Morrow,
‘Return of the Native’, memorable today, tomorrow.

Nazim sir was unique, our memory much,
Milton, Yeats, Eliot he taught in our heart’s touch;
Iliad and Oedipus he did teach,
In Shakespeare’s tragedy, his style, masterpiece.
Most of his lectures echoed moral regeneration,
We listened with patience and with passion.

We remember Hasan sir teaching Don Juan
Golam Faruk sir’s phonetic, like English one.
‘To His Coy Mistress’ Saiful Sir taught
Terse and pragmatic ways, he has brought;
Arif Elahi Sir taught Dylan Thomas,
Also in pronunciation, he was famous.
Quiun Nizami sir had stylish uniqueness,
Taught us Shelley & Heart of Darkness.

Unique & remarkable Rizwanul Haq sir
Taught us Coleridge’s Mariner and Spenser.

Tawariq Sir and Nasrin madam taught us affluent,
Fatima Siddiqua, also enriched our Department.

Golden were those Chittagong College days
Royal Department of English, showed the ways;
Enlightened were our teachers in true fact,
Never could we show profound respect.

On this Teachers Day, we remember them all
With all our love and with our respect to all.

Md Nazim Uddin
October 05, 2021