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Let The Game of War End

My heart aches
When the children of Palestine get injured
When the blood colors the innocent faces
The parents’ agonies and screams touch the sky:
My heart aches..

My eyes get filled with silent tears
When the bedrooms turn into battlefield
When the song of the children’s innocence
Turns into the unheard weeps and cry!
My eyes fill with tears..

I become wordless, so does my pen lose flow,
When the sleeping humanity
Becomes the victim of cruel attack,
When the child that runs and smiles like angels
Get injured, blooded, even killed,
Brutally, mercilessly, indiscriminately…

My whole self does pray to the ONE
To the Almighty, to the Most Merciful,
That HE pours endless mercy on them
On the brothers & sisters of Palestine
On the woman and children of Gaza and surrounding….
And the innocent victims everywhere….

Let the game of war mark an end
Let peace prevail, humanity upheld.
Let our childhood smile, not cry
Let the world find a warless sky..
Let love reign, fraternity renains,
Let war be defeated, mankind remains.

Md Nazim Uddin
October 19, 2023