Destiny and Free Will

May 11, 2024 | কবি ও কবিতা | 0 comments

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Destiny and Free Will

Two things of life clash in full deal
One is ‘Destiny’, another is ‘Free Will’;
Two similar things here resemble!
One is fixed and another variable.

Men are we and do strive to overcome
Something we neglect, something we welcome;
What we get, we may not like to have!
What we long for, we usually don’t have!

Destiny destined in such an invisible ray!
Free will struggle, but seldom finds a way;
Since inception of homo sapiens
Unbreakable is fate, unavailable hence.

Few things can we change, few only!
Most things we dare to change, but in folly;
Better it is to know what are destined
And what’s Free Will, yet to be designed.

Md Nazim Uddin
May 11, 2024