What’s Life?

Dec 22, 2022 | কবি ও কবিতা

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What’s Life?

What’s life?- is but a puzzle-
It’s a hopeful dawn with dream a lot!
A soft baby rising above the odds:
Life’s lot’s blotted for the hope of lot!
It’s a morning with sunny valley of song,
It’s no warmer than a stunning noon beam!
The struggling youth, amidst the sea of troubles,
Ocean of energy with horizon of bubbles;
With the sun above, the optimistic noon,
With drowsiness of the lazy afternoon,
The forties of life poses dilemma ever
‘To be or not to be’- a lifetime flavor!
In such stage, an artful acting he believes,
Disguise in appearance and reality lives!

Driven away by the tranquil twilight, soon,
Life arives before setting the sun, harbinger of fortune..

What’s life?- it’s again the moonlit night
The sweet touch of the moon so bright,
Bed of roses, unlike dream, it is like
The rise of worry, the confusion in hike!

Life, is but again a dark, shorter night,
The gloomy mind longs for the light;
The war of conscience weakens all hope,
From success peak, might he fall thru a slope!
Despair added as near ones does betray,
Still life leads to the beauteous light of ray!
A hope of beacon, desire of the light;
It helps to depend on the power of erudite..
At the end of the adverse,
knowledge does win,
Life then brings wonder, an optimism clean.

It’s a waiting for a morning again,
In the amazing maze of win or pain,
Such is the perplexity of life of man
Sapiens remains sapiens, some become human!

Md Nazim Uddin
December 22, 2022