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That Enlightened Soul

In the journey of life
In the walks of mind,
A soul is needed to solace
A mind is needed to support
A heart is needed to stand
Beside, inside, outside
In all the wearies and worries
In all the weal and woe
Before all the kin and foe
During life’s mists and snow.

Such is the friend so desired
Such is the soul enlightened
Such is the love rejuvenated
Such is the company dreamed…

That very enlightened soul
That very company loved
Can turn emptiness to full
Can replace brilliance in full…

That dreamed company of soul
That psyche devoid of foul
That heart without interest
That mind runs the best;

That soul, very enlightened
May be in your dream, too
But had ever it been at grasp
Walk, nay, run, ney fly along
Make the soul a friend of thine
Live life brilliant and sublime..

2 March 2023