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Not to Yield’

Let our life be marked wise
Let our days be passed wise,
Let our thoughts move ahead
With unbound Prometheus spread.

Let our youth have superb Ulysses
Acts will be rewarded, divine or nemesis,
Adventures of life let flow awhile
Let sorrow forbid, voices smile.

Let our journey have Gulliver’s taste
Let’s not be Tithunus with youthful waste!
Let our girls be Alice in the Wonderland
Let’s not trapped by Eliot’s Waste Land!

Let us grow the Achillian heart
Forgetting the Hamlet’s dilemma,
Let’s drive utopian imagination
Life’s life, not at all a drama.

Let’s live in Shelley’s promises
Whitman’s revolution to awaken,
Let’s for those Iago and Mosca
Let’s discover Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken’.

Let’s love all the living beings
The Ancient Mariner there be fitted;
Let indomitable spirit be afresh
“Man can be destroyed but not defeated”.

Let’s discover the untrodden path
Let’s enjoy ‘life to the lees’,
Let’s forget selfish loneliness
Let’s move like swarm of bees.

Let’s accept the life full of gift
Till sanility break its field,
Let’s make an epoch, a promise
‘To strive, to seek, to find and Not to yield”.

Md Nazim Uddin
August 25, 2022