Let There Be Light Again.

Jun 6, 2022 | কবি ও কবিতা

Let There Be Light Again.

Things are ruling
Human suffering
Lives’re valued least!
Riches are wasting
Poor ever wanting
Mis-hunger ruining feast!

Good things fall apart
Evil heads win the part
Such are modern waste land!
Cruel some rich offspring
Humane, some poor being
Donors make a liveable land.

Good dreams fade awhile
Optimism in remote exile
Which hopes shall we gain?
Some rays of hope peep thru
Essence of life live thorough
There shall oft be light again.

Leaving the hypocrites aside
Standing with kindness’ side
We shall uplift our love again,
Let’s believe, all is not gone
Let’s hope for a better dawn
Let there oft be light again.

Md Nazim Uddin
June 6, 2022

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