Learn to Love All, Learn to Survive Alone

Oct 6, 2022 | কবি ও কবিতা

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Learn to Love All
Learn to Survive Alone


When you rise, all may encourage you,
When you grow, all may praise you,
But when to fall, not all may accompany you.

When you shine, many may shine with you
When you succeed, many may value you,
But when you fail, none may recognize you.

When you smile, many faces may join you
When you laugh, all may share joys with you,
But when you cry, very few may console you!

So, when you enjoy, enjoy with one and all,
When you celebrate, do it together, too;
But when you fall, you have to struggle
And you have to learn struggle alone.

You have to learn how to survive alone,
You have to love all, live with all around,
But when to fight back, when to survive…
You must try alone, keeping aside all
All expectation whatsoever, all hopes aside..

Learn to Love All and above all,
Learn to Survive Alone


Md Nazim Uddin
October 6, 2022